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Part of those who consider themselves "T" kind of people. As in the letter "T", the central column shows people who are highly specialized in one area of life; in my case the Humanities (currently PhD candidate). But at the same time, as the letter "T" shows, many of us believe that in order to gain a better perspective on the world it is of great importance to go beyond one's specialization into other areas of life. This will broaden one’s outlook and will generate a more holistic approach to our lives. In my particular case, one of the wings of the letter "T" has been dedicated to issues regarding language (ESL teacher for 12 years, and certified translator). The other wing of the letter “T” extends towards the area of art, where I have developed my skills in painting and photography for many years now. It is this desire to expand my horizons which has prompted me for the last 5 years to take up photography while I finish my PhD thesis. In general one could say that "T" people have great interest in questions rather than ready-made answers. "T" people are explorers and serious risk-takers regarding questions dealing with our humanity. Hope you are a "T" kind of person yourself, and therefore would be interested in working together in developing a broader conversation that questions who we are. As Socrates is said to have said: “if ... I say that this happens to be the greatest good for a human being, (that) the unexamined life is not worth living for a human being ---you will believe me still less. But it is so, though to persuade of it is not easy.”

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