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Toronto is a city of diversity, freedom, and peace.

Extremism cannot destroy the incredible success that has made Toronto a city loved around the world by many, especially by those who come to visit and live in it and leave transformed and surprised by its many beautiful landmarks, cultures, activities and its unique way of life.

The many cultures and languages of its citizens are its heart. The shared respect for lawful and equal freedom its back. The permanent presence of peace in each of its inhabitants its soul.

Toronto is, in one word, inviting; a pleasure and a privilege to inhabit.

Today Toronto, Torontonians and its visitors from all over the world, must become one against those who have broken this peace, have tried to unsettle this freedom and have shattered this diversity by killing many of our citizens.

Let our way of life, which can be much improved still, be the main way to remember those who died today.

Let our governmental institutions remember their solemn duty to protect us from the dangers of extremism in all its guises,  however tough the decisions to achieve this may turn out to be.

Let our togetherness as a city, our shared suffering at this horrible event,  lead us forward in remembrance.



PRIVATE Reflections: Toronto Van Attack 2018 II
Publicly we should mourn and come together, especially for the families of the victims. Privately, however, we should question what exactly is happening in Toronto (and Canada) that can make this horrific act possible. Privately, this is an opportunity to question our way of life, and specifically, why it may lead some to radicalize themselves against us.
For example, everyone should watch the killer’s father, and his defeated harrowing gaze, leaving the courtroom yesterday and be moved to serious reflection.
For instance, following what we know now about the killer’s motives, and not excusing his cowardly act and motivation for a single second, one might reflect on whether this form of radicalism is in part created by counteracting forms of extremism which we, somehow think, are good.
For the most horrific thing of it all, is that it was one of us that did this to us. THAT we should never forget and should do everything in our power to understand and to change.

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